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  • Why do I need to consult a dietitian for my personalized diet?
    Dietitian is the one who is able to plan your diet in an appropriate way by assessing your body composition and other health markers which will meet all your nutritional requirement.
  • How can I choose my Dietitian?
    1)Your Dietitian should be highly qualified. Should have Post-graduation or higher in the field of Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics. 2)Should have undergone proper hospital posting/training in reputed IDA (Indian Dietetic Association) recognised multispeciality hospital. 3)Should have knowledge on clinical aspects of nutrition. 4)Should know about latest updates in the field.
  • Why should I choose NutriGoals?
    NutriGoals gives you personalised diet therapy with tips and tricks to follow which will help you to achieve your nutritional goals. NutriGoals do not provide a blanket rule in diet prescription, but will be modified based on your health condition, eating patterns, cravings, likes and dislikes.
  • How can I strictly follow my diet advices?
    Everything needs to be polished on time. NutriGoals helps you to acheive your goals by motivating you to be on diet and will give you tips and tricks throughout your journey.
  • Should I carry any medical reports during my visit?
    Your recent medical reports (if any) including medication reports, biochemical reports etc. can be carried during your visits.
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