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Breakfast- eat or skip?

Many research studies including representative natural surveys focused in America and Europe have found that the prevalence of skipping breakfast was more in childhood and next comes adolescence.

Is it really important to have breakfast?

Breakfast is considered as one of the major meal of the day.


A healthy and balanced breakfast is associated to promote better cognition, healthy Body Mass Index (BMI), quality of life and more adequate intake of nutrients. Breakfast skipping is considered as an unhealthy lifestyle practice which puts negative influence on physical and mental health. This is also associated with compromised education attainment, mood swings, chronic stress, lower quality of life, depression, which all contribute to increased risk of cardio-metabolic diseases.

What is considered as Healthy Breakfast?

Standard Nutritional Recommendations suggests that an ideal breakfast should contain 20-35% of total energy requirement of the individual. This should contain enough proteins in the form of #Pulses, #Milk and Milk products, #Eggs; carbohydrates (#unrefined, #wholegrains); vegetables and fruits.

Never skip your Breakfast.

People tend to skip their breakfast inorder to decrease the calories consuming per day and to promote fast weightloss. Skipping your breakfast is not a healthy option by which your health is compromised. Weightloss can be achieved without skipping your breakfast and eating healthy.

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