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Our Services

We do face to face consultation. Yes, we offer worldwide Online consultation services accessible through various platforms such as Zoom, BOTIM, WhatsApp, Google Meet, and Skype. 

We provide a range of nutritional packages including one-time diet consultation, as well as packages spanning 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks.



  • Expert nutritional counseling from our experienced dietitians.

  • Customized diet plans tailored to your preferences, taking into account your likes, dislikes, work schedule, and any medical conditions or blood test results.

  • Continuous meal monitoring and guidance from our dietitians. We encourage you to maintain consistency throughout your journey and educate you on fostering a healthy relationship with food.

  • Regular assessments to track your progress.

  • Online client support from our dedicated dietitians.


At our consultancy, we prioritize your nutritional needs and strive to offer comprehensive support and guidance throughout your journey towards a healthier lifestyle.

Disclaimer: Results vary based on multiple factors such as gender, age, genetics, activity factor & consistency on Diet & other factors.
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