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Body Weight- Stigma, Shame and Stress.

People who are over-weight, obese are more likely to perceive unfriendly experience from others (e.i, weight related perceived stigma). This may be from work place, relatives or even from friends. Most of the time people who had these experience accept such stigma and devaluate themselves (i.e, weight-related self-stigma). This may eventually causes shame, stress, and psychological distress.

Weight stigma is associated with adverse psychological and physiological outcome.

Most of the times women are affected by the teasing, bullying, and victimization in society. Weight stigma is positively associated with hormone levels, oxidative stress level, C-reactive protein level, eating disturbances, depression, anxiety, body image dissatisfaction and negatively associated with self-esteem among many overweight and obese adults. Sometimes this becomes a barrier for them to engage in any health promoting activities/behaviors.

"People deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, regardless of their body size" Puhl RM.

Respect each other regardless of one's body shape or body weight. Encourage them to be healthy by taking healthy diet, good mental health and health promoting physical activities. Support from society means a lots.

Nothing will change all of sudden, but with a strong determination and self esteem one can overcome these situations. Lets not allow another person to be victimized.

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