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Yes, You can exercise when you have no time.

People gets busy schedules, daily routines, extra works and long day, it becomes hard to do everything that you are scheduled. Mostly exercise will be scheduled, re-scheduled and then.... There are many ways to sort it out when you actually thinks that there is "no-time for exercise".

Be spontaneous.

Take action at right time. Do not extent or reschedule your time to do exercise. Research shows that even 5 mins of reschedule is corelated with the chances of getting it not done. This happens not only exercise, but also for waking up early morning or any other planned works.

Fix the time.

Schedule a time in which you can do exercise. It can also be planned early morning, when you can actually wake-up little more early in the morning and do exercise. Set your alarm accordingly and be sure that you don't snooze it. Planning, scheduling, re-scheduling and trying to judge your excuse to yourself is not a good idea. People tend to blame their "no-time" in order to reschedule their time for exercise. Stop that practice.

Make it your routine.

Getting into routine will actually help you to reduce your mental stress of "planning" and "rescheduling". Be mentally prepared about you schedule. Make your mind to stick in to this particular task, which is going to be your routine. Train your mind that rescheduling is not going to work out from today because by that only you will be able to achieve your goals.

Tips to burn calories.

- Walk while making calls.

- Do chewing exercise.

- Do some stretching often.

- Use stairs.

- Take natural drinks which can increase metabolism.

- Maintain healthy diet.

- Avoid doing works in bed-room. Because this is the place that makes you more lazy.

- Sleep early and wake up early.

- Set time to be engaged with nature rather than with gadgets.

Your body deserve your admiration, because body is your temple.

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